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LED floodlights are perfect for adding security to commercial and residential areas, in particular the outdoor areas of your home or business premises. Floodlights are increasingly being installed in these settings as they help intruders stay away from your home or business. They can also be used to highlight specific objects or signs. For example, in some commercial settings LED floodlights of a lower wattage may be used on billboards or signs to highlight promotions or entrances to their premises.

You can select from 10W to 200W floodlights depending on the size of the area you want to illuminate. These fittings are high performing, producing a high lumen output against a low wattage, allowing the end user to save on energy costs.

LED Floodlights

A wide beam angle provided by this range of LED floodlights allows for more visibility. The adjustable bracket provided with all floodlights allows for a quick and easy installation, with a different mounting option to suit a variety of needs.

Our range of LED floodlights include PIR floodlights. This option gives an additional level of security, as the motion sensor attached to the floodlight switches the light on when it detects movement. The detection zone can be anywhere from 2m to 10m and is easily adjusted.

Sensing movement and highlighting areas with movement is a proven way to help scare aware intruders or vandals targeting your building. As a result, PIR Floodlights are a very clever and popular way to light the exterior of your home or business.

All our LED floodlights are IP65 rated, meaning they are fully protected against dust and water. This combined with a long lifespan means there is very little maintenance costs, as it will be years before the fittings need the bulb replaced.

If you need help selecting the right LED floodlight or PIR floodlight for you, please use our live chat to talk to a sales agent.

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Red Arrow 50W LED PIR Floodlight IP65
£35.94 inc. VAT
Red Arrow 30W LED PIR Floodlight IP65
£23.94 inc. VAT
Red Arrow 20W LED PIR Floodlight IP65
£17.94 inc. VAT
Red Arrow 10W LED PIR Floodlight IP65
£13.14 inc. VAT
KFLDHS50Q465-W65-BLK In-Stock
Rhine 50W LED Floodlight IP65 6500K
£26.40 inc. VAT
KFLDHS30Q465-W65-BLK In-Stock
Rhine 30W LED Floodlight IP65 6500K Black
£14.34 inc. VAT
KFLDHS10Q465-W65-BLK In-Stock
Rhine 10W LED Floodlight IP65 6500K Black
£7.14 inc. VAT
KFLDHS100Q65-W65-BLK In-Stock
Kosnic LED Della 100W IP65 Floodlight 9000 Lumens
£54.00 inc. VAT
KFLDHS150Q65-W65-BLK In-Stock
Kosnic LED 150W IP65 Floodlight
£90.00 inc. VAT
KFLDHS20Q465-W65-BLK In-Stock
Rhine 20W LED Floodlight IP65 6500K Black
£10.74 inc. VAT
KFLDHS200Q65-W65-BLK In-Stock
Kosnic LED 200W IP65 Floodlight 20000 lumens
£124.80 inc. VAT
KFLDHS80Q65-W65-BLK In-Stock
Kosnic 80W LED Floodlight.
£47.94 inc. VAT
FLSMD200B In-Stock
LED Flood light 200W SMD 6500K Black
£174.00 inc. VAT
FLSMD70B In-Stock
LED Flood light 70W SMD 6500K Black
£66.00 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 14 Products of 14


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