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Non-Corrosive Fittings

LED non corrosive fittings are waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, and resistant to corrosion. They are a popular fitting in both commercial and industrial settings, particularly in areas such as, warehouses, factories, garages, car parks, and other harsh environments. The fittings can be used indoor or outdoor.

ABS and polycarbonate materials are used to manufacture our range of LED non corrosive fittings, meaning they are resistant to high impact. This reduces the wear and tear of the fitting. These materials combined with LED technologies allow you to save huge amounts on energy usage and maintenance costs, due to their long-expected lifespan. LED technology does not require any warmup time, so your 5ft LED vapour proof fitting will instantly illuminate the application area when switched on. Therefore, LED non corrosive fittings are an ideal replacement for less efficient LED battens, reducing the high costs associated with traditional tube replacements.

The anti corrosive fittings are available in many different wattages, so we have fittings suitable for commercial, industrial, and domestic use. Emergency options are also available, providing a 3-hour emergency back-up during the event of a power cut. The range includes 110V lighting and 240V lighting, and all fittings have a convenient cable entry for easy installation.

Overall, our range offers extremely high performing LED non corrosive fittings. The fittings are extremely efficient, providing a high lumen output against a low wattage.

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CONVP54W-220V In-Stock
54W LUKA Integrated LED 5ft Non-Corrosive 4000k
£35.99 £33.30 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-110V/EM In-Stock
30 Watt LED 1500mm Emergency LUKA IP66 Non Corrosive Fitting
£34.80 inc. VAT
CONVP54W-220V/EM In-Stock
54W LUKA LED 5ft Non-Corrosive 4000k 3HR Emergency
£53.94 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-110V In-Stock
30 Watt LED 1500mm LUKA IP66 Non Corrosive
£19.14 inc. VAT
NCF212 In-Stock
12W LED Non-Corrossive Fitting, 4000K, 600mm
£23.88 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-220V In-Stock
30W 5FT LED Vapour Proof 220V
£30.00 inc. VAT
NCFB52 In-Stock
Garrison Twin Wired For LED Tubes Non Corrosive Fitting 1560mm
£28.20 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 7 Products of 7


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