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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides a back-up light source in the event of a power cut, turning itself on automatically or allowing light fittings to remain on. This allows occupants to safely and easily locate the exits if they need to evacuate the building.

Emergency lighting and fire safety regulations now require nearly all buildings to have emergency lighting fitted and fully operational. Therefore, it is hugely important to select the appropriate range of emergency fittings.

There are two types of emergency lighting, maintained and non-maintained. Maintained lighting is designed so that the fittings will be lit continuously, even throughout a power shortage. This allows pathways and emergency exits to be illuminated, guiding people to a safe exit. This type of emergency lighting is popular in the likes of cinemas, shopping centres etc.

Non-maintained emergency lighting is designed to turn on instantly in the even of a power cut. This is a regarded as a back-up light source, again with the purpose of safely illuminating pathways for a safe exit.

Emergency exit signs can also be maintained or non-maintained. It is vital that companies have correct exit signs to comply with current regulations.

Shop our range of emergency lighting to ensure your home or business is efficiently lit up in the event of a power cut. The range consists of LED emergency lighting, providing a strong light output against a lower wattage, allowing you to save huge amounts on your energy costs. See our range of Emergency Lighting below.

· LED Emergency Exit Signs

· LED Emergency Recessed

· Running Man Emergency Legends

· LED Emergency Modules

· LED Emergency Bulkheads

· LED Emergency Twinspots

· Dinrail Test Unit

It is important to carry out an emergency lighting test once a year. The emergency lights should provide a back-up for 3 hours.

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EESN0105S65/CH In-Stock
5W IP65 LED Emergency Bulkhead & Sign 6500K
£15.42 inc. VAT
4W LED Maintained Emergency Exit Box
£25.20 inc. VAT
2.3 Watt LED Emergency Hanging Exit Sign Light
£42.00 inc. VAT
KEML03TS2 In-Stock
3 Watt LED IP20 Twin Spot Emergency Light
£31.80 inc. VAT
Emergency 16W LED 1150LM Ceiling Light Bulkhead, CCT
£41.40 inc. VAT
KEML07TS1 In-Stock
7 Watt LED IP65 Twin Spot Emergency Light
£54.00 inc. VAT
CEC02LBL/N In-Stock
2W Standard Emergency Module For LED DD
£45.00 inc. VAT
CEW03LIL/N In-Stock
Kosnic Universal Emergency Module CEW03LIL/N
£46.80 inc. VAT
CEW05LBL/N In-Stock
5W Self Universal Emergency Module for LED Batten Luminaires
£42.00 inc. VAT
ESFC03CS20/STD In-Stock
3.3W Surface-Mounted Non-Maintained Emergency Downlight
£33.59 inc. VAT
EDWL03C20/STD/CH In-Stock
Kosnic 2.3W Non-Maintained LED Emergency Downlight
£26.39 inc. VAT
DCTU In-Stock
Dinrail Mounted Central Test Unit
£46.04 inc. VAT
Eterna RightPolycarbonate Legend
£5.94 inc. VAT
Eterna Left Polycarbonate Legend
£5.94 inc. VAT
Kosnic Blanca IP65 Emergency Bulkhead for LED DD KBHDDC6S65/E-WH
£33.59 inc. VAT
GEB8WNM In-Stock
8W 3Hr Emergency Non Maintained Exit Box
£7.19 inc. VAT
KBHCT12C6S65/E-W40 Ships in 3 - 5 days
12W IP65 Bulkhead With Emergency 4000K
£43.80 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 17 Products of 17


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