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Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is a room that people carry out many daily tasks such as, washing, shaving, and applying makeup. Therefore, it is extremely important that the area is well lit up, so the individual can see clearly and complete tasks safely.

Your bathroom lighting is also important for creating ambience. For example, a soft glow can be perfect for a relaxing bath. Colour plays an important role for creating ambience in a bathroom. If you are looking to create a cosy atmosphere in your bathroom, deep colours with a tint of orange are a good choice. On the other hand, if you want a cheery and upbeat atmosphere, bright colours do the trick. It is important that you get the balance between functionality and ambience. For example, a soft glow for a relaxing soak may not be much use when trying to complete daily tasks in the morning.

Bathroom lighting can completely transform your bathroom. There are many different options available to you, with different styles, colours, and finishes. Our range includes:

· Bathroom Ceiling Lights

· Bathroom Wall Lights

· Illuminated Mirrors

· LED Bathroom Downlights

Bathroom ceiling lights provide you with directional lighting, in a practical and safe way. Ceiling lights can include spotlights, LED downlights, pendant lights etc.

Bathroom wall lights are a popular way of adding a bit of style to your bathroom. They also create a bright and practical illumination. Most often, bathroom wall lights are placed either beside or above your mirror.

The best bathroom downlights you can choose are LED. LED technologies allow you to provide a strong efficient light output, against a lower wattage. This allows the end user to perform their daily tasks in the bathroom at a lower cost. Also, less maintenance is required with LED bathroom downlights.

The ingress protection rating of your bathroom lighting is important to understand. Zone 1, inside showers and around your bath needs to be minimum IP65 rated. Zone 2, for use on a wall needs to be IP44 rated, minimum. Zone 3, bathroom lights used away from wet areas will have an IP44 rating.

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EN-PL24/40 In-Stock
Aurora 24W IP44 Slim Fit Downlight
£33.48 inc. VAT
EN-DDL25/40 In-Stock
Aurora 25W Integrated IP44 Dimmable Downlight
£32.10 inc. VAT
S16WLED-WH In-Stock
16W LED Ceiling Light Bulkhead, CCT
£23.99 inc. VAT
Kosnic 6W Mauna Plus Fixed LED Downlight CCT
£11.99 inc. VAT
SPA-PR-17146 In-Stock
Aquarius Bathroom Wall Light
£21.48 inc. VAT
SPA-27405 In-Stock
Scorpius GU10 3 Light Adjustable Plate Spotlight Chrome
£47.94 inc. VAT
LF17-1/1 In-Stock
GU10 White Shower Downlight
£5.58 inc. VAT
KFDL06DIM/S40-WHT In-Stock
Mauna 6W LED Fire Rated Downlight 4000K
£10.79 inc. VAT
SLIGHT2 In-Stock
ML Dual Voltage Shaver Light
£26.40 inc. VAT
MGOS6 In-Stock
60 Watt Bathroom Globe Light
£6.78 inc. VAT
MGOS8 In-Stock
100 Watt Bathroom Globe Light
£10.52 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 11 Products of 11