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Industrial Lighting

Our range includes 100W, 150W, and 200W LED high bay lights. These fittings are ideal for lighting up general industrial areas such as warehousing, retail environments, and manufacturing areas, where the ceilings are high. A perfect solution for replacing conventional lighting.

High Bay LED Lights

Regardless of the wattage you select, our range of LED high bay lights have a beam angle of at least 90°, ensuring an even distribution of light. You have the choice of lumen output, ranging from 12,000 lumens to 26,000 lumens. An extremely strong light output against a low wattage offers even more value for money.

High performing LED high bays allow the end user to save money on energy usage. The LED fittings provide a large lumen output with a long-life expectancy, resulting in very low maintenance costs, as it will be years before the fittings need replaced.

The range of fittings are also known as UFO lighting. They have a rating of IP65 and IK10, meaning they are fully protected against dust, are waterproof, and have a strong resistance against mechanical impact.

The high bay lights are manufactured from diecast aluminium, adding further to the durability of the fittings, as they will not rust overtime.

Shop our quality range of LED high bay lights today and start saving on energy costs tomorrow. The perfect cost saving solution for lighting up large industrial areas. If you are looking to light up smaller areas, you may find more suitable fittings in our LED downlight range, Floodlight range, or you can view our full Lighting range here.

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KMHD100C1/50/CH In-Stock
Kosnic 100W LED Echo High Bay 12200 Lumens
£100.80 inc. VAT
KMHD150C1/50/CH Ships in 3 - 5 days
Kosnic 150W LED Echo High Bay 5000K 19000 Lumens
£112.80 inc. VAT
KHBE200C1 In-Stock
200W LED Echo High Bay 5000K 26000 Lumens.
£118.80 inc. VAT
NCF212 In-Stock
12W LED Non-Corrossive Fitting, 4000K, 600mm
£23.88 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-220V Ships in 3 - 5 days
30W 5FT LED Vapour Proof 220V
£19.80 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-110V In-Stock
30 Watt LED 1500mm LUKA IP66 Non Corrosive
£19.14 inc. VAT
CONVP30W-110V/EM In-Stock
30 Watt LED 1500mm Emergency LUKA IP66 Non Corrosive Fitting
£34.80 inc. VAT
CONVP54W-220V/EM In-Stock
54W LUKA LED 5ft Non-Corrosive 4000k 3HR Emergency
£53.94 inc. VAT
CONVP54W-220V In-Stock
54W LUKA Integrated LED 5ft Non-Corrosive 4000k
£35.99 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 9 Products of 9


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