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Plastic Trunking

Plastic trunking is designed to protect your cables from damage and to keep your wires tidy. A safe and professional way to protect electrical wiring installations. Without plastic trunking, it would be an eyesore having cables run loosely around your walls and floors. Application areas include offices, schools, hospitals and other indoor workspaces where people will be walking past. Cable trunking is usually a square or rectangular shape, providing electricians easy access to the cable if required.

Our plastic cable trunking range consists of mini trunking and maxi trunking that is very easy to install and refurbish, as the clip-on lids can be easily removed. You also have the option of self-adhesive trunking to secure to surfaces without the need to nail. All our trunking comes white as standard. Our cable management system is a cost-effective range of trunking, comes with an assortment of accessories that are manufactured from super impact uPVC compounds suitable to withstand harsh environments.

Plastic Trunking Sizes

Our plastic trunking sizes are available from 16mm x 16mm up to 100mm x 100mm.

Overall, our plastic trunking range is a very cost-effective way of protecting electrical wiring installations. Order online today before 5pm for next day delivery to the Republic of Ireland.

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DXT5 In-Stock
100x100mm Maxi Trunking (pack of 2)
£28.20 inc. VAT
DXT4/A In-Stock
100x40mm Multi-Maxi Trunking (DXT4/A)
£10.38 inc. VAT
DXT4 In-Stock
100x50mm Multi-Maxi Trunking (DXT4)
£16.74 inc. VAT
DMT1 In-Stock
16x16mm Mini Trunking (DMT1)
£1.38 inc. VAT
DMT1 SF Ships in 3 - 5 days
16x16mm Self Fixing Mini Trunking (DMT1 SF)
£3.36 inc. VAT
DMT2 In-Stock
25x16mm Mini Trunking (DMT2)
£1.74 inc. VAT
DMT2 SF Ships in 3 - 5 days
25x16mm Self Fixing Mini Trunking (DMT2 SF)
£3.00 inc. VAT
DMT4 SF Ships in 3 - 5 days
40x25mm Self Fixing Mini Trunking (DMT4 SF)
£4.74 inc. VAT
DMT4 In-Stock
40x25mm Mini Trunking (DMT4)
£2.94 inc. VAT
DXT1 Ships in 3 - 5 days
50x50mm Maxi Trunking (DXT1)
£6.78 inc. VAT
DXT2 In-Stock
75x50mm Maxi Trunking (DXT2)
£9.00 inc. VAT
DXT3 In-Stock
75x75mm Maxi Trunking (DXT3)
£10.20 inc. VAT
DMXEC1 In-Stock
50x50mm End Cap (DMXEC1)
£0.48 inc. VAT
ZIC5 In-Stock
100mmx100mm Internal Coupler
£1.84 inc. VAT
DAO3 In-Stock
75x75mm Outside Angle (DAO3)
£5.16 inc. VAT
DAI3 In-Stock
75x75mm Inside Angle (DAI3)
£5.16 inc. VAT
DTF3 In-Stock
75x75mm Flat Tee (DTF3)
£5.16 inc. VAT
DAF3 In-Stock
75x75mm Flat Angle (DAF3)
£5.16 inc. VAT
DMXEC3 In-Stock
75x75mm End Cap (DMXEC3)
£1.08 inc. VAT
DSC 3M In-Stock
75x75mm Coupler (DSC 3M)
£3.48 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 20 Products of 71