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View Meteor's range of flexible conduit systems which is ideal for the protection of electric cabling in building applications, HVAC systems, lighting, underground, hostile environments, general engineering, offshore, fire, security and CCTV. Our Flexible conduit is manufactured by Decoduct and is available in both 20 and 25mm and there is a choice of it coming in either black or white. We also have a selection of adaptor glands which are able to accommodate each of our conduits. In addition we currently stock Decoduct conduit contractor packs, these packs include 10M of PVC Flexible Conduit, 10 Fixing Glands and 10 Spring Clips. So all you need to complete the job comes in one package. View our entire range of flexible conduit and accessories for top quality cable management products at extremely competitive prices.


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EC019 In-Stock
25mm Oval Conduit Bundle of 50
£1.68 inc. VAT
DLB2W In-Stock
20mm PVC Slip Bend (DLB2 W)
£0.42 inc. VAT
MSB2WH In-Stock
20mm PVC Space Bar Saddle (MSB2WH)
£25.20 inc. VAT
DPA3 BL In-Stock
25mm Black Adaptor Glands (DPA3 BL)
£0.79 inc. VAT
DPA2 BL In-Stock
20mm Black Adaptor Glands (DPA2 BL)
£0.59 inc. VAT
DPA3 WH In-Stock
25mm White Adaptor Glands
£0.79 inc. VAT
DPA2 WH In-Stock
20mm White Adaptor Glands (DPA2 WH)
£0.59 inc. VAT
QFWC1 In-Stock
22mm Oval Conduit Clip 100 Pack
£4.80 inc. VAT
DSS3 WH In-Stock
25mm PVC Plain Saddle Per 100 (DSS3 WH)
£16.80 inc. VAT
DSS2 WH In-Stock
20mm PVC Plain Saddle Per 100 (DSS2 WH)
£10.80 inc. VAT
DLC1 WH In-Stock
PVC Lid For PVC Boxes (DLC1 WH)
£0.11 inc. VAT
DIE25W In-Stock
25mm PVC Inspection Elbow (DIE25W)
£1.08 inc. VAT
DRC2W In-Stock
20mm PVC Spring Clip Per 200 (DRC2W)
£21.48 inc. VAT
DPH3 WH In-Stock
Decoduct 25mm White Flexible Conduit (DPH3)
£41.40 inc. VAT
BS20L In-Stock
Decoduct 20mm Bending Spring Light Gauge (DBL2)
£6.00 inc. VAT
BS20H In-Stock
Decoduct 20mm Bending Spring Heavy Gauge (DBH2)
£7.92 inc. VAT
DJU3 WH In-Stock
25mm U Shape PVC Box (DJU3 WH)
£0.84 inc. VAT
DJO3WH In-Stock
25mm Terminal PVC Box (DJO3WH)
£0.48 inc. VAT
DJT3 WH In-Stock
25mm PVC Through Box (DJT3 WH)
£0.48 inc. VAT
DJE3 WH In-Stock
25mm PVC Tee Box (DJE3 WH)
£0.48 inc. VAT
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Showing 1 - 20 Products of 123