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Fire caused by a fuse box

Fire caused by a fuse box

Fire caused by a fuse box

Three sleeping Battersea residents were "lucky" to escape after being dramatically rescued from a smoke-filled property by firefighters following an electrical fire. The fire was caused by a fuse box over heating causing it to melt, filling the property with thick black smoke.

It is more important than ever to be more aware of your fuse box and to understand what it does in order to prevent fires and accidents.

A fuse box is a unit located in your home which controls the electricity; they contain circuit breakers, the mains switch and current devices. You need to be aware of your fuse box incase of an emergency when your electric needs to be turned off.

If there is an overload of current your fuse wires will heat up causing them to melt, to keep you safe the current will break cutting of your electrical supply. To fix this all you need to do is replace the small fuse which you can purchase in most shops. (Take care when your purchasing a new fuse as the amps on each fuse varies)

The main switch in your fuse box controls the supply of electricity and enables you to turn the power on and off. The reason for this is so that you can turn your electricity off if needs be for example if you are carrying out electrical work.

Circuit breakers are another mechanism inside your fuse box their role is to switch off the circuit if they detect a fault. Once you have fixed the fault you can reset the switch and they will restart their detection all over again.

RCD switches trip a circuit to cut of electricity straight away in the case of a dangerous situation. RCDs need to be tested frequently to make sure that they are functioning properly, when you are carrying out a test and the electricity does not switch of this is a cause for concern and you need to contact your electrician as soon as possible.

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