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Meteor Electrical's Guide To Colour Temperature

Meteor Electrical's Guide To Colour Temperature

Meteor Electrical's Guide To Colour Temperature

More than likely at some stage you may have noticed a distinctive difference in the colour of light bulbs. Some may have a warm (yellow/orange) glow, whilst others have a cooler (blue/white) shade, this is all down to the colour temperature of the lamp.

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature refers to the tint or shade from the lamps light emittance. The vast majority of lamps are white, however this can range from warm to cool. There are a number of colours which you can choose from when shopping for lamps, each is designed to suit different locations of application.

Traditional incandescent lamps produce a warm, nearly orange glow which most people may prefer as is adds a certain level of warmth to a room. Other lamps such as LEDs provide a wider range of colours for you to choose from, which can replicate the colour of a traditional lamp, while offering a more energy efficient option. When purchasing a lamp, getting the correct colour temperature for your space is essential. Meteors guide to colour temperature can help aid you on making the correct decision.

Colour temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin on a scale from 1,000 - 10,000. When measuring temperature in Kelvin it will differentiate from degrees Celsius, the lower the value the warmer the glow from a lamp. For example a warm white lamp can is traditionally set at 3000K.

Colour Temperature Chart

How to make the correct choice between warm and white

In previous years when we relied on incandescent lamps, colour temperature wasn’t a characteristic we took into consideration. Today we have a wide range of LED lamps which provide many different colours to choose from. When making your decision the colour temperature should be one of the main features you pay attention to. It can have a significant difference on the impact of the light in the space which the lamp is fitted. For example if the temperature is too low (warm) the correct level of light may not be emitted, making it difficult to see things in a task environment. The opposite applies for lamps with too high of a temperature, cool white can often be too bright for application in areas where a calming and relaxed environment is desired. Below shows a list of where’s best for warm and cool white lamps.

WARM WHITE: 2000-3000K

These lamps emit a warm and inviting glow, this makes them ideal for:

- Bedrooms: Cool, blue light can disrupt our day-to-day rhythms and negatively affect the quality of our sleep.

- Bathrooms: Warmer tones can be more flattering.

- Dining rooms: Try using a dimmable bulb so you can adjust the lighting as appropriate.

- Living rooms: Warm light is ideal for ambient lighting.

- Decorative outdoor lighting

- Restaurant or commercial ambient lighting

COOL WHITE: 3000-4500K

Cooler and brighter light temperature can enhance alertness, these are ideal for:

- Work environments: Cooler temperatures promote focus and concentration.

- Task lighting: A bluer light can help us concentrate on the task at hand.

- Kitchens: Cooler light can help us wake up while we make breakfast.

- Bathrooms: In reference to mornings, cooler lights can aid in the wakening process.

- Garages & Warehouses

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