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Limestone cave can now been seen in a new light

Limestone cave can now been seen in a new light

Limestone cave can now been seen in a new light

A cave located beneath the surface of North Yorkshire is now glowing with the latest LED lighting system showing the limestone cavern in a new light.

Ingleborough Cave, one of Britain's largest cave systems, was first discovered by the Victorian explorers in 1800s by candlelight.

Over hundreds of millions of years, water has slowly sculptured miles of cavernous passages through the carboniferous limestone, 80 metres below the surface.

This mysterious world near the village of Clapham, North Yorkshire, has been a show cave since the Victorian's discovered the caves in 1837, using only candlelight to find their way.

Since the use of candles, the passages have been lit using oil lamps, paraffin and in recent years electric generated lights.

The cave, owned by Bob Jarman, has now introduced a new LED system to shed new light across hundreds of dramatic limestone features within the cave system.

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