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IP Rating Chart

IP Rating Chart

IP Rating Chart

Meteor Electrical's Guide To IP Ratings

When choosing any electrical device the IP rating is a necessary factor which you must take into consideration.

For example, if you were buying an item for outdoor usage and it needed to be completely waterproof, the fitting would need to have an IP Rating of at least IP67. This may come across as confusing to certain people but our chart below is designed to help you gain a better knowledge of IP ratings.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, the first number following IP relates to how well the item is protected against foreign objects such as dust. The first number is extremely important to pay attention to if you were installing a fitting in an area which is exposed to high levels of dust, such as timber factories or coal yards.

The second number corresponds to the fittings level of electrical protection from water. This is a very significant indicator to consider when installing in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms and general exterior situations.

Below is our IP ratings chart that explains all you need to know about 'Ingress Protection' ratings:

Ip Chart

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