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How To Covert Your Lamp's Wattage to Lumens

How To Covert Your Lamp's Wattage to Lumens

How To Covert Your Lamp's Wattage to Lumens

Lumens – The Modern Measurement of Lighting

Previously when buying light bulbs we have been inclined to make our decision based on the wattage of the lamp. With LEDs & CFLs becoming increasingly affordable, basing your purchase on the amount of watts has become less significant.

Wattage focuses on the quantity of power/energy the lamp consumes, even though this is an important characteristic of a lamp, manufacturers have begun to base the energy efficiency on the lumens (light output) of the lamp. Therefore whilst we may be accustom to making our purchase based on wattage, lumens give a more accurate insight to the brightness of the light lamp.

How to Convert Lumens to Watts

Calculating and determining the light output needed will make it easier for you to find the lamp which best suits your space. The chart below gives an estimate guide to help you find the correct lamp. It also shows examples of better energy efficient choices which will have a decreased level of power usage and a longer life expectancy. For example if you are accustom to purchasing 60w standard incandescent lamps, this will produce 700-800 lumens whereas a 10W LED is capable of producing the same light output while using a lot less energy. Take a look through our guide and let it help you choose the correct lamp in the future.

Light bulb chart

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*Please note that the lumens of a lamp may vary due to manufacturer. This grid above is only a guide.*

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