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How To Brighten A Dark Room With Simple Tips

How To Brighten A Dark Room With Simple Tips

20 Quick & Easy DIY Tips To Brighten Up A Dark Room

Completely redecorating a room is usually a project you can look forward to, after all who doesn’t want a chance to clean out clutter and start afresh? However, trying to redecorate a room without breaking the bank is a much more difficult task.

Having a well lit room has been shown to have huge positive effects on occupants’ mental wellbeing. In addition, allowing the maximum amount of natural light into a room could save you money on your electricity bills by using less artificial light during the day.

Here at Meteor Electrical we have put together 20 DIY tips that will brighten any room. This article includes great tips for both full redecoration, as well as subtler and less permanent changes that renters will find invaluable.

1.†††††† LED Lighting has a higher lumen output than traditional bulbs, which means the light given off is brighter So replace Halogen light bulbs with an equivalent LED.

2.†††††† Add a mirror next to wall lights; the light will be reflected off the mirror and will help brighten up that area in the room.

3.†††††† Paint your ceiling white; It will make your ceiling appear higher and brighter than it actually is.

4.†††††† Introduce a tall lamp to the room, this will push light onto the ceiling and distribute it across the room (this is most effective with a white ceiling).

5.†††††† Use switches and sockets that are brightly coloured. This is a simple adjustment that can improve the look of the room. To ensure the best finish possible it’s best to install a new plug socket rather than paint over the old one. †By changing your switches and sockets to polished or metallic versions like these, it will help to reflect light around the room.

6.†††††† Ensure your light bulbs and glass fixtures are clean to allow as much light through as possible. One of the cheapest ways to do this is diluting some white wine vinegar with water then wiping the glass with a dampened cloth.

7.†††††† If you choose to paint your walls white, ensure you pick the correct shade. Here is a guide on which white paint you should use.

8.†††††† Avoid any dark and bulky furniture, replace that huge coffee table with a smaller sized table with visible legs to show as much of the floor as possible.

9.†††††† Opt for shelves rather than cabinets; this will make the room look bigger and block less light.

10.†† Hang mirrors in the room, they reflect light back into the room and make spaces feel bigger

11.†† Install reflective tiles; look at the tiles you see in undergrounds and subways around the world. These are designed to reflect the maximum amount of light in order to compensate for the lack of sunlight, use a similar thought process in darkened rooms. This is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any other room where you would have a tiled floor.

12.†† Become a minimalist, having a room packed full of clutter only makes your room look dark and crowded. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture and clutter and see how brighter the room feels.

13.†† Consider acrylic furniture, transparency is ideal in small and dark spaces because there is no ‘Visual Weight’. You could also consider mirrored drawers and cupboards.

14.†† Introduce accessories with a metallic finish, the light of these ornaments will be reflected back into the room and help it look brighter.

15.†† If you don’t want all white walls, consider using a darker colour as an accent or paint a single feature wall. If you have all your storage on one wall, paint that one, then add contrasting accessories to make the room pop.

16.†† Don’t block out the natural light from windows with heavy drapes and curtains. If you need to cover a window consider blinds or roman shades, these are basically invisible when fully retracted†

17.†† If you have dark wood floors, try adding a light rug to break up the lack of colour and add some brightness.

18.†† Add in a glass-panelled door if you don’t have many windows already in your room, this will let light into the room from other areas of the house.

19.†† Add recessed lighting across dark ceilings, this stops the lack of colour taking away any other light entering the room and keeps it bright for all occupants. A home fit is fairly straightforward and you can get the ideal bulbs here.

20.†† If you have no windows in your room (basement and attic conversions commonly have this issue) then add a framed picture of an exterior scene can help give an impression of more light, ideally you want it to cover the same amount of space that a window would.

If you are planning to redecorate your home or looking to brighten a dark room, visit Meteor Electrical and view our range of lighting and home fixtures available for next day delivery across the UK and Ireland.

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