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Cost Effective Overheads LED Panels

Cost Effective Overheads  LED Panels

Cost Effective Overheads LED Panels

In previous years businesses across Ireland and the UK have had a costly problem. Many shops and offices have been subjected to paying high energy rates for below standard lighting. This is the result of the frequent usage of fluorescent lighting. With the continuous advancements in LED lighting, Meteor Electrical has the solution to this problem which literally can cause sore heads.

The fall of fluorescent lighting in retail and commercial Buildings

When fluorescent tubes were first introduced into the market, they were by far the brightest option for retail and commercial buildings. However many of these fittings had flaws such as low life expectancy, low durability and offering the workers an insufficient level of light output.

Poor performance wasn’t the only problem with fluorescent lighting, their high running costs also posed an issue for local businesses. Traditional halogen lamps will consume energy but they will only use approximately 20% of the energy consumed to produce light. The other 80% is wasted on heat being emitted from the lamp, meaning that you’re paying a lot for energy which is not being represented in the amount of light.

Fortunately, LED panels have been manufactured to provide businesses a superior lighting option at significantly lower running costs.

Spend & Save with LED Panel lighting

Not only can LED panels save you money on your energy bills, they can also increase your workforce productivity. Having your employees toil away under a poor level of lighting can have a strain on their efficiency. It can create problems such as unclear visibility when completing tasks and can even affect their mood. Studies have shown that productivity is increased in an LED environment relative to fluorescent lighting which makes it a popular option within retail and commercial businesses (International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics).

LED lamps consume a lot less energy than halogen bulbs. Compared to 20% energy used by halogens for light emittance, 80% of the energy used by an LED lamp is used to produce a crisp clear light. The majority of Meteor Electrical’s LED panels have a life expectancy of 40 - 50,000 hours, which means for businesses with high running hours, it will reduce replacement costs.

Once you have made the swap to LED, you will notice the quick payback payment due to the annual savings you will receive by using a more cost effective lighting source.

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