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8 Tips To Save Energy In Your Home

8 Tips To Save Energy In Your Home

8 Tips To Save Energy In Your Home

Energy bills can be very expensive, there are some great tips you can follow to make your home more energy efficient and warmer at the same time. Not only will you save energy, you'll also save money and help preserve the environment too. Our 8 tips below can help you reduce those dreaded energy bills and moderare your home's carbon emissons.

1. Keep The Heat In

Wall Insulation

A quarter of your home's heat is lost through the roof if you don't have any insulation there - and a further third through un-insulated cavity walls. So insulating and draught-proofing your home is a smart move. It'll help make it more comfortable, and cut your heating bills at the same time.

2. Turn Down Your Thermostat


Turning down your thermostat if it's set too high will you save around £60 a year on your heating bills - as well as 250kg of carbon dioxide.

3. Fit Double Glazing

Double glazing windows

If you install double-glazed windows, you can save up to £165 a year on your heating bills compared with single glazing.

4. Switch To LED

LED Light bulbs

Save around £55 a year from your energy bills - and 190kg of carbon dioxide - by replacing all the remaining standard bulbs and halogen spots in your home with energy-saving light bulbs (LEDs). New LED light bulbs reach their full brightness instantly and use even less electricity than older (CFL) energy-saving bulbs.

5. Replace Your Old Boiler

Boiler Replacement

Boilers account for around 55% of your yearly energy spend. So replacing your old gas boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler could save you as much as £310 a year.

6. Wrap Up Your Hot Water

Wrapped boiler

Heating water for use in taps, baths and showers makes up around 23% of an average heating bill - that's around £160 a year. To reduce this amount as much as you can, fit a tank jacket to your hot water cylinder, insulate your hot water pipes and check that your cylinder has a thermostat and is set on a timer.

7. Seal Out Draughts

Draft Protector

Draught-proofing your windows and doors can save you around £30 (and 120kg of carbon dioxide) a year and just by applying flexible sealant to block the gaps around your floor and skirting boards, you can save around £25 and 100kg of carbon dioxide.

8. Don't Keep Things On Standby

Standby TV

You can actually waste as much as 16% of your electricity bill by powering appliances that aren't in use! A recent Energy Survey Trust survey found that we spend even more than expected by keeping them on standby. Switch them off instead - and try an electricity monitor to find out what's using the most electricity in your home.

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