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7 Tips To Secure Your Home From Fire & Theft

7 Tips To Secure Your Home From Fire & Theft

7 Tips To Secure Your Home From Fire & Theft

Keeping your property safe is a major priority for any homeowner. The busy holiday season often poses a threat for burglaries or unattended damages to a home. Meteor has listed 7 tips below to help keep your home safe this summer.
1. Burglar alarms
One of the most common methods of discouraging thieves, the burglar alarm is set to go off as soon as someone enters a room which they shouldn't. Unless they know the code to switch it off, it will keep sounding.
2. CCTV cameras
CCTV is a useful protection system; not only can it deter burglars who has knowledge of their presence, but for those who don't know, the high-quality, date and time-stamped footage can provide extra help to police.
3. Distress alarm
Activating a distress alarm is sometimes the safest thing you can do, for example if you hear unfamiliar sounds whilst you are on your own at night. Pressing the button on the handy pendant will automatically ring a set of telephone numbers specified by you to let them know you are in trouble.
4. Dummy camera
Dummy cameras can reduce the risk of criminal activity by deterring burglars or anti-social behaviour. The only problem is that they do not record any actual footage, they are there to be seen and to discourage.
5. Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
These can be used to stop small fires from progressing to large ones which only authorities can deal with. Our fire extinguishers and blankets are designed for smaller fires, but as many fires can start out small, these should be more than adequate to prevent a larger problem.
6. Floodlights
A single floodlight can provide a vast amount of illumination. A 10W LED floodlight with PIR placed above a shed light can discourage any late night visitors. The PIR detects motion ad will activate the floodlight illuminating your yard.
7. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Many of these alarms can now tell the difference between burnt toast and something more dangerous. Some alarms can even sit on your bedside table for convenience, doubling up as a torch to help guide you through the house in the event of an emergency.

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