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LED Lighting News Archive

  • Traditional Lighting To LED Chart

    Traditional Lighting To LED Chart

    Are you looking to upgrade your lighting to LED, but you're unsure of the correct level of wattage you require?

    Meteor Electrical have compiled charts to show the compa...

    18th October 2017 Read More
  • decking light

    How To Install Decking Lights

    Are you thinking about adding a little extra detail to you garden or patio area this summer? Follow Meteor's 6 simple steps below on how to install lights on your decking.

    25th July 2017 Read More
  • Lighting Plan Pic

    Meteorís 5 Steps to Creating Your Own Lighting Design

    A correct layout for lighting can make a huge difference to each room within your home. Meteor’s 5 simple steps below can help you create a tailored lighting design to best...
    24th July 2017 Read More
  • street art 1

    LED Street Lighting, A Brighter Way Forward!

    Traditional Street lights consume a large amount of electricity and are currently considered as major electricity wasters. In regards to the government’s stance on reducing...

    20th July 2017 Read More
  • Cap article

    Common Cap Fittings Explained

    One of the first considerations when purchasing a light bulb is making sure that it will fit the light fitting correctly. To help you find the light bulb you need, they're ...
    22nd June 2017 Read More
  • Save Money LED

    Save Money With The Right Lamp

    On average, lighting accounts for 18% of household expenses, so finding the ideal lighting solution for your home or office can have a significant impact on your finances. ...

    13th June 2017 Read More
  • Highbay article

    Industrial Lighting? Choose LED!

    High Lumen Output – Lower Running Costs!

    LED High Bays

    Lighting a warehouse can be extremely expensive, you have to take into consideration the running costs, the pr...

    9th May 2017 Read More
  • Ip chart guide

    IP Rating Chart

    Meteor Electrical's Guide To IP Ratings

    When choosing any electrical device the IP rating is a necessary factor which you must take into consideration.

    For example,...

    4th May 2017 Read More
  • LED Panel Article

    Cost Effective Overheads Ė LED Panels

    In previous years businesses across Ireland and the UK have had a costly problem. Many shops and offices have been subjected to paying high energy rates for belo...

    12th April 2017 Read More
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