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Electrical Industry News Archive

  • Frozen pipes

    How To Spot & Prevent Frozen Pipes

    With the current cold snap coming into effect, the decreasing temperatures leave your plumbing vulnerable to freezing and bursting. Not only can this cause an inconvenience...

    27th February 2018 Read More
  • Electrical Safety Tips For Students

    Electrical Safety Tips For Students

    With the new term starting soon, students will be searching for their new accommodation for the year. Recent figures show that student numbers are on the rise with more ado...
    7th August 2017 Read More
  • Secure home

    7 Tips To Secure Your Home From Fire & Theft

    Keeping your property safe is a major priority for any homeowner. The busy holiday season often poses a threat for burglaries or unattended damages to a home. Meteor has li...
    28th July 2017 Read More
  • farm ban

    Reduce Your Farm's Overheads! Choose LED!

    Operating efficiently is essential to the success of any farm or agricultural holding. Whether your farm focuses on crop growing, poultry or livestock, making the change to...
    18th July 2017 Read More
  • exit art pic

    Emergency Exit Signs - Clear Campaign

    It is not enough that a safety sign can be seen. It is essential that each sign is quickly understood and that an installation of signs quickly and clearly conveys their in...
    11th July 2017 Read More
  • Drill guide

    Power Drill Buying Guide

    A power drill is an essential home improvement tool. They can bore holes, loosen or tighten screws and even chisel away materials. Most drills have multiple functions, so e...
    5th July 2017 Read More
  • diy tips

    5 Safety Tips For Electrical DIY

    DIY errors are to blame for 50% of severe electric shocks in Irish and UK homes. Most people attempt household repairs and maintenance work themselves before seeking a prof...
    4th July 2017 Read More
  • energy saving pic

    8 Tips To Save Energy In Your Home

    Energy bills can be very expensive, there are some great tips you can follow to make your home more energy efficient and warmer at the same time. Not only will you save ene...
    28th June 2017 Read More
  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness

    Carbon Monoxide - Reduce The Risk

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. Regular inhalation can make you feel unwell and can even be fatal if you're exposed to high enough levels...
    23rd June 2017 Read More
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