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February News Archive

  • wires

    New Electrical safety law

    A new law is to be introduced which will see landlords obliged to carry out electrical safety inspections on rented properties. This new law is to come into effect from Dec...

    25th February 2015 Read More
  • energy

    Some energy saving tips

    We all know we could do more around our homes to save energy but we are often unsure how to do it properly or think it would be too expensive. However with a few free chang...

    23rd February 2015 Read More
  • wires

    Top DIY electrical mistakes

    Trade skills have carried out a survey to determine which jobs electricians get called out to the most due to poor handy work by DIY enthusiasts or untrained electricians. ...

    18th February 2015 Read More
  • heat

    Portable Heaters

    Portable heaters are a low cost option that can help lower electricity bills however they do pose a threat such as fire and electrical risks. There are many portable heater...

    17th February 2015 Read More
  • bath

    Bathroom Electrics

    Bathroom electrics can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and as a result you could get a severe electric shock which could result in death.


    16th February 2015 Read More
  • solar

    With fuel bills set to double by 2023 is it worth installing solar panels on your roof?

    The annual fuel price is set to rise by 8 pence so by 2023 your electric bill could be more than double the price it is today. Consumers seeking ways to cut their power bil...

    10th February 2015 Read More
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