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October News Archive

  • diy safety

    On The Job Electrical Safety

    Electricity is a key component in commercial and industrial environments because they both rely on electricity to power equipment. With large amounts of electrical equipmen...

    28th October 2014 Read More
  • FSL

    Gate automation devices and more

    Today gate automation is seen as one of the best options to secure your home against potential intruders as they are convenient, secure and can add value to a property. Man...

    27th October 2014 Read More
  • ventilation

    Does your bathroom have proper ventilation?

    Ventilation within your bathroom is an important part of the rest of your home’s ventilation system. This is because your bathroom fan helps to improve the air quality insi...

    21st October 2014 Read More
  • generator

    Use your generator with caution

    Generators are often a saviour when the power cuts off especially for businesses that needs the power on at all times. Many homes today also have generators installed so th...

    15th October 2014 Read More
  • decorative light

    Decorative Lighting

    Decorative lighting today is a common feature in most households as it adds a touch of class and can become a feature to a room quite easily, for example a glass chandelier...

    7th October 2014 Read More
  • PIR

    PIR Detection

    All CCTV systems require a means of detecting a person entering a home, building site or apartment otherwise they are ineffective. There are many solutions out there to det...

    6th October 2014 Read More
  • bathroom

    Bathroom Safety

    Water is able to carry electricity efficiently but if the two mix the results can be extremely dangerous if not deadly. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home ...

    1st October 2014 Read More
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