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Industrial Lighting? Choose LED!

Industrial Lighting? Choose LED!

Industrial Lighting? Choose LED!

High Lumen Output – Lower Running Costs!

LED High Bays

Lighting a warehouse can be extremely expensive, you have to take into consideration the running costs, the price of the actual fittings and maintaining or replacing them. By converting your warehouse lighting to LED highbays, you can drastically reduce your electricity bills and eliminate the unnecessary maintenance costs.

In general within warehouses the running time for light fittings per day is high. In certain businesses with a frequent production schedule, the lights may need to remain on for up to 24 hours. †In addition to this the larger the warehouse the more power and fittings are required to keep it lit, leading to exceedingly high energy costs. By simply changing to LED, a business can lower these costs up to 70% per annum.

LED High Bay Replacements

If you have currently 400W metal halide fittings installed within your warehouse, these can be replaced with an industrial 200W LED highbay. These have an IP65 rating which means that the fitting is protected from both dust and water. This is a necessary attribute a warehouse fitting will require, this reduces the chance of the light failing and increases the chance of getting the full life expectancy out of the fitting.

Our Aurora Highbays emit 22,000 lumens of light whilst only using 200W to power them. This allows the company to run a more efficient light within their warehouse light significantly reducing their carbon emissions.

If you want a lighter duty LED highbay to cover a wider area, our Aurora high bays are also available in 100W and 150W. These LED high bays are ideal for use where the ceiling is more than 20 feet above the work surface.

Each of our LED highbays has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours which means replacements won’t be needed for a long time down the line. Less maintenance, less waste and greater efficiency is ensured with each fitting. There is no need to try access these lights to replace a blown bulb, which is a great relief as they are usually placed in hard to reach areas. This reduces costs also as you will not have to hire equipment such as scissor lifts in order to access the fitting.

The higher quality of light provided by each fitting creates a more efficient and better working environment for warehouse employees. The space will be better illuminated which allows higher levels of accuracy in the workplace. Also as each fitting is available in cool white, the warehouse will be light in a crisp clear light which has been proven to increase productivity in workers when carrying out tasks (International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics).

Each highbay offers a dimmable option which presents the opportunity to further reduce your energy consumption. If the warehouse is light during the majority of the day, the light can be dimmed during times when employees are not present in the warehouse.

Get help funding your venture today!

Depending on your location, you may be eligible for an interest free loan or grant. Loans are designed so that in most cases the forecast reduction in energy bills will match monthly repayments. On average, loans are paid back in 3 years, after which businesses can enjoy real savings. Contact Meteor’s LED division to find out how you can qualify for a loan today!†

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